Pork Skins & Tortilla Chips

Today, it seems, is a couch day. I say this because I’ve spent the majority of my waking time on it thus far. It’s 3PM, and yes, I’ve managed to go to the bank and post office, water my plants, eat two boiled eggs and a cup of coffee for breakfast, and get dressed, but still…it’s a couch day.

I have couch days often, mostly mid-week, sometimes two in a row. My couch is green, soft, and only sometimes frustrating; when the back cushions mush down and start irking me off towards the edge, or when my lower back gets sore from slouching.

With my feet propped on my imitation Noguchi coffee table, and a bag of pig skins on my left, tortilla chips on my right, I sit, computer in lap. Most couch days, I enjoy myself. While everyone else is in uncomfortable clothes and starchy offices, I’m kicking back on my couch, feeling the Spring breeze on my neck. I look up things, research places, find bargains. Sometimes I read the news, other times I just shop and watch Office reruns.

None of this is important. What is important, is that I can afford to do absolutely nothing for an entire day, without feeling guilty or stressed about it. I don’t have work that needs to be done (well, except housework and going to the gym, which are my only two couch-day spoilers), I don’t have meetings to attend or prepare for, and I don’t have homework to do, or children to attend. Thus, couch day is more than perfect, uninterrupted, lazy and totally worth while.

How is this possible? How can a recent college-grad with a substantial rent bill, college loan payments, utility bills, and the general cost of city-living, afford the luxury of doing nothing on a weekday afternoon?

Pretty easily: I’m a nurse.

Four days out of the week, I can do pretty much anything I want. Sit on the couch, eat junk food, work out all day, travel, hop around the city, go shopping, sleep in, see concerts, visit friends, get another job, go to school, take an art class, sun tan on my roof.

I get paid more than the majority of the people that I graduated with just a year ago (a year ago today, actually…ha), have good benefits, was compensated to move here, and have enough money dedicated to furthering my education every year, that I’m thinking of going back to grad school. For free.

What’s the catch?

Three days of the week (ones which I choose, mind you), I go to work for 12/hrs a day.

That’s it.

Here lies a blog, which I intend to use in order to showcase the exceptional qualities of being a single, just-out-of-college woman who is a nurse. There’s a shortage, people…and the country needs to know just how cool it is to be a nurse.

Enjoy, and be swayed.

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