Why Nurses Need @GoogleDoodles: #RNgoogledoodle Innovators No. 16, the Short-Staffed Nurses of America.

I wrote a blog for American Journal of Nursing’s Off the Charts that was posted this morning. It’s about the massive public outcry regarding the recent GM scandal, compared to the practically invisible press surrounding recent data on the dangers of short staffing.

The research is pretty darn compelling: Unsafe staffing kills. Maybe more than faulty ignitions. GM lost their cover-up; when will patients blow the one hospitals have been hiding behind for decades?

Innovator for Day 16? All the nurses working short staffed today.


To: proposals@google.com

From: 12hourRN@gmail.com

Subject: Why Nurses Need A Google Doodle: Day 16. 

April 21, 2014 10:03PM

Hey, Doodlers,

Is it really Day 16?! That means I’ve been writing to you for over half the amount of the time I said I would, and I still haven’t heard a darn thing back. 
No worries, I’ve started a habit of daily blogging because of you, I’ve written about amazing nurses all over the country that I barely knew about before, and I’ve struck up some pretty interesting conversations. It’s been fun.
I’m gonna cheat tonight. 
Recently, I wrote a post for the American Journal of Nursing‘s blog Off the Charts, and it was posted this morning. It rehashes the research I told you about back on Day 5, by UPenn’s Linda Aiken. It’s about staffing, it’s hazards, and the lack of public reaction (or even knowledge) compared to the recent GM ignition recalls. 
I’m not sure who to name as innovator of the day for this piece. Maybe it’s Aiken again (I could certainly write about her for thirty days straight), maybe it’s me, for writing the piece. Naw, it’s the nurses all over the country who work short-staffed, unbeknownst to the majority of their patients. 
I’ll write more about what – exactly – it means for a nurse to work short staffed later. I’ll let today’s post talk for me tonight.
Here’s to the insanely innovative bedside nurses who, shift after shift, day and night after day and night, “make do,” spreading their care as far as they can. They deserve better, and patients deserve to know just how similar hospitals’ pervasive practice of short staffing is to GM’s coverup. 
Amanda Anderson, RN

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