Why Nurses Need @GoogleDoodles: Day 21, Fatigue & What Exactly Do Nurses Do?

Tired tonight.

Quick post, with a link to an editorial called, ‘How Can You Bear to Be A Nurse,’ which I suggest you read. Mary Mallison, RN wrote it in 1987 when she was the Editor in Chief of The American Journal of Nursing. Pretty fantastic, even after all these years.

Do you know how to explain exactly what nurses do?


To: proposals@google.com

From: 12hourRN@gmail.com

Subject: Why Nurses Need A Google Doodle: Day 21, Fatigue & What Exactly Do Nurses Do?

April 26, 2014. 8:43PM.

Hey, Doodlers,

          I’m beat. Some days, I really feel each of the twelve hours of my shift. Today is one of those days. 
          Too many typos will come from this brain, so I’m gonna let someone else do the talking. 
          Attached you’ll find an editorial by a really innovative nurse editor, in an incredibly innovative nursing journal. Perhaps it will give you a sense of what exactly it is we nurses do (including the gross, tiring, and sad stuff), and why we really deserve a doodle this nurses day – so others might also understand our work. 
Amanda Anderson, RN

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