Why Nurses Need @GoogleDoodles: Day 26, Non-Nurse Friends & Drinking Beer After Work

Quick post tonight, with the help of my non-nurse friends!

It’s almost Nurses Day! Do you still think we need a doodle?

To: proposals@google.com
From: 12hourRN@gmail.com
Subject: Why Nurses Need @GoogleDoodles: Day 25, Non-Nurse Friends & Drinking Beer After Work.
May 1, 2014 11:03PM

Hey, Doodlers,

I had a good day at work today. Helped a man breathe on his own, taught a new nurse how to address ICU doctors, started an IV for a desperate cancer patient. Think I did some good.

Now, I’m out with friends, not wanting to do a nurse innovator book report. So I thought I’d ask them to help. I wanted to see what they’d say about what exactly nurses do, and if they agree, that we need one of your doodles to get a nursing conversation started. Here goes:

Roshen, the handsome, hilarious artist: “Nurses look you in the FACE before they look at your chart.”

Adam, the wiley whit: “Nurses keep us from ending up in hearses.”

AnnMarie, the radiant and smiling brain: “Nurses WILL save my life; the toughest women I know are nurses.”

Okokok, I’ll take it. Good vibes to you from rainy NYC, where tonight, I’m enjoying my non-nurse friends, who keep me sane and encourage me along in my quest to explain my nursing self.


Amanda Anderson, RN

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