Post-12 Heart Thoughts.

Long day in the CCU. Long night at school. Short, hot, phone-less run by the river. The look of its silence erased the day’s noise somehow. Downtown, a magical backyard of lights; uptown, a funny circus. The heat, a curtain, suddenly heavy.

Reading over a late dinner, an old writing book from college. This quote, fitting after a day of manipulating hearts. A reminder that not all work need be public to be significant:

Voice takes you to the heart. The heart beats, it doesn’t move, it moves the blood, but it just keeps going around and around, beating slowly, beating fast, palpitating, beating, never stopping, constant change and tension, never varying, no audience.

Chris Anderson, Free/Style

So, the next time you think your work is noticed by no one and misunderstood by everyone, take a second to check your pulse, perhaps.

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