What are YOU Tweet-gram-book-tumblr-share-ing Today, Nurse? Make it Count.

My friends should know better than to get me talking policy over dinner. If the bugs hadn’t started massacring my scantily-clad legs, I could’ve gone on all night. Instead, I wrote a piece for the Center for Health Media & Policy. It’s about Big Pharma, and how, for the first time, insurance companies are starting to fight its power by kicking pricey drugs off their plans. Problem? Where do the patients lie in all of this, and where are the nurse voices?

Photo: http://www.instagram.com/paizmeister

Take it as an encouragement, on this dreary-looking Wednesday, to start talking. Tag your local newspaper in a tweet with your nursing perspective. Write a letter to an editor (please, they prefer if they’re short and to the point!). Facebook an article that you think is important, and add two sentences of your experience to it so that your friends and family get a glimpse of what you do and know.

As always, talk for our patients, not for us. We must start showing our knowledge and the many injustices of our care – for their benefit. Financial rewards, respect, changes that help us as a profession will follow. Yes, nursing needs much, to be sure, but too many nursing campaigns focus on the profession, leaving the patients stranded behind them.

OK, soap box over. Happy day!

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